Mike Key

☦️ Dad | Husband
🏡 Frmr enslaved 9 to 5er 👉 RE Investor
😎 I tackle goals, read old books, lift heavy things, drink whiskey & eat meat.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

test two
  • Porn Will Destroy Your Life

    / 5 minute read

    Why in the heck would I talk about PORN on a website about lifestyle design and entrepreneurship you might ask. I’ll tell you why. It has to do with integrity, and you can’t have that when your pants are around...

  • How Multi-Level Marketing Will Leave You Broke

    / 11 minute read

    Updated 11/23/2011 Do you hate pumping gas? The routine feels like such a hassel to me. I have to fight to find a free pump most times, and if I do find a free pummp, then I’ve got to make...

  • How To Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

    / 3 minute read

    One of the things I have learned while rock climbing is that what often seems impossible for us to accomplish is more in our own mind than it is in reality. I remember my first real outdoor rock climbing experience...