Mike Key

Husband. Father. Polymath. Autodidact. I read old books, lift heavy things, eat paleo & drink whiskey. Shipping code as a front end dev for Wihp Hotels. Weekend adventures with an Airstream in tow.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

  • Just Do It Anyways!

    / 1 minute read

    What are you holding back on in life? What do you want to do that you are afraid to do because you are too busy worrying about what others might think? Listen to me carefully. It does not matter what...

  • Porn Will Destroy Your Life

    / 5 minute read

    Why in the heck would I talk about PORN on a website about lifestyle design and entrepreneurship you might ask. I’ll tell you why. It has to do with integrity, and you can’t have that when your pants are around...

  • How Multi-Level Marketing Will Leave You Broke

    / 11 minute read

    Updated 11/23/2011 Do you hate pumping gas? The routine feels like such a hassel to me. I have to fight to find a free pump most times, and if I do find a free pummp, then I’ve got to make...