Mike Key

☦️ Dad | Husband
🏡 Frmr enslaved 9 to 5er 👉 RE Investor
😎 I tackle goals, read old books, lift heavy things, drink whiskey & eat meat.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

test two
  • Two Weeks of Easy Meal Prep

    / 3 minute read

    In my last post about turning 35, I touched a little bit about my weight. And the fact that I’ve just been eating like shit for awhile. Part of my plan for getting myself straightened out is fixing my eating...

  • On Turning 35...

    / 3 minute read

    Recently I celebrated my 35th year of not dying. Congratulations self. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself spending more time on introspective thought. Contemplating where I’m going. The mistakes I’ve made, and opportunities both taken and missed. I wonder...

  • A 21 Day Social Detox

    / 2 minute read

    Social media has become a big part in how we connect with others. For me, it’s played a pivotal role in my life as my wife, and I traveled the country as Bold&Adventurous. We’ve made new friends, and explored so...