Mike Key

Husband. Father. Polymath. Autodidact. I read old books, lift heavy things, eat paleo & drink whiskey. Shipping code as a front end dev for Wihp Hotels. Weekend adventures with an Airstream in tow.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

  • 5 Reasons To Start A Business in a Down Economy

    / 1 minute read

    I am in the mindset that now is the best time to start a business, even with our economy in the dumps. If you are thinking about starting a business but are concerned with the economy, here are my 5...

  • What Are You Aiming At

    / 1 minute read

    In our busy lives we often do not pay much attention to the little daily decisions we make. Few even pay attention to what it is they are aiming at in life. However, for those of you who have set...

  • 5 Reasons Not to Get a JOB

    / 5 minute read

    There is a simple reason not get a job: It’s income for dummies. I don’t know who said that quote first, but I know I’ve heard it dozens of times. Maybe you have too, but the truth is, it’s a...