Mike Key

Husband. Father. Polymath. Autodidact. I read old books, lift heavy things, eat paleo & drink whiskey. Shipping code as a front end dev for Wihp Hotels. Weekend adventures with an Airstream in tow.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

  • 5 Warning Signs You Will Stay Poor

    / 3 minute read

    If you are living pay check to paycheck and hoping to one day be rich and debt free, consider these 5 Warning Signs that You Will Stay Poor. If these WARNING SIGNS apply to you or a loved one, fear...

  • Without Vision You Will Perish

    / 2 minute read

    Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish This is not just an ancient proverb stuffed into an old book, it is a reality of life. A well thought out vision defines where you want to go and...

  • 4 Ways To Be Richer

    / 3 minute read

    A few years ago I found myself up to my eyeballs in debt. I searched and searched for all the tricks on how to get myself out of debt and to growth real wealth. I kept looking for a magic...