Mike Key

Husband. Father. Polymath. Autodidact. I read old books, lift heavy things, eat paleo & drink whiskey. Shipping code as a front end dev for Wihp Hotels. Weekend adventures with an Airstream in tow.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

  • Be a Content Curator

    / 1 minute read

    Our lives are never static, they’re always changing. So too, your blog is a dynamic representation of your ideas, goals, mission and more. I believe in being a content “curator”, giving more care to your blog than just being a...

  • Urgency Vs Importance

    / 1 minute read

    As of late I have been stressed out, suffering from a lot of self inflicted regret. Regret that I’m not getting things done. Not getting things done has been a bit of a problem in 2014. Over the holiday we...

  • A Year of Action

    / 2 minute read

    What inspired men like Hemingway and Teddy Roosevelt to do and experience more in life than most of us would even dare to in our dreams? Why is it that so few do, while millions more dream, think, and wish?...