Mike Key

Husband. Father. Polymath. Autodidact. I read old books, lift heavy things, eat paleo & drink whiskey. Shipping code as a front end dev for Wihp Hotels. Weekend adventures with an Airstream in tow.

Current Location: Idaho, USA

  • ‘I’m a Foursquare Cheater'

    / 4 minute read

    I’m coming clean, I’m a Foursquare cheater. And why not? I personally think it’s funny that right now as of this posting I’m the mayor of places like the Taj Mahal, the Pyrmaids and the PlayBoy Mansion. Even thought I’ve...

  • Action Cures Fear

    / 1 minute read

    **Fear is the one thing stopping you from taking action. And guess what. Not taking action is what is stopping you from having everything you want. ** If you want to succeed at anything chances are you’re going to have...

  • Take Risks for Greater Success

    / 1 minute read

    Do you want more success? Then you’re going to have to learn to get outside your comfort zone and start taking some risks! Rock Climbing is by nature a dangerous sport, but the pure thrill and rewards of scaling a mountain are...