Two Weeks of Easy Meal Prep

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In my last post about turning 35, I touched a little bit about my weight. And the fact that I’ve just been eating like shit for awhile.

Part of my plan for getting myself straightened out is fixing my eating habits. Three weeks ago I stumbled upon an easy solution to the food problem. No, it’s not weight watchers.

I found a company based in our home state of Florida called Nutrition Solutions. They offer a variety of pre-made meal plans for athletes, body builders and people trying to lose weight.

Nutrition Solutions prepares and ships out pre-made meals once a week for the whole week on a weekly subscription basis. They ship to the lower 48 usually next day air. The meals arrive fresh and stored in ice. We usually immediately freeze ours.

Nutrition Solutions

The benefit of all this is that meal prep is made easy. No figuring out what to eat for the week. Or trying to solve macros and calories. No arguing or debating with the wife on what to make/cook.

It also eliminates decision fatigue completely with what to eat.

I chose their FAT LOSS 5 DAY PLAN w/o Breakfast for $141 per week. Which just happens to fit in our food budget anyhow. You get 20 entrees which, works out to two meals per day for two people.

The best thing is, everything is low carb with this method. I’m eating less than 100 grams of carbs. Macros are spot on for fat and protein to encourage fat loss.

Each weekday morning, I skip breakfast. Usually, I just have bullet proof coffee after my workout. Then around 1 or 2, I’ll have one of the prepared meals. And then on the weekend, I fast with water only.

To be honest, it’s been a bit of an eye opener on portion sizes. I’ve been keeping a food journal for the past two weeks as we’ve done this.

For example, one meal from last week “Southwestern Chicken” had 36 grams of carbs. 35 grams of Protein, 9 grams of fat and 365 calories total.

And this is what it looked like:

Southwestern Chicken

Meal Quality

In a word, excellent. It’s not a TV dinner, that’s for sure. Nutrition Solutions has a rotating menu. We’ve been on it for two weeks, and the meals haven’t been the same once yet. Our 3rd-week menu was just sent to us, and it’s completely different. The foods are similar. And the dishes usually contain one meat item and two or three vegetable items.


The quality and variety has been great. And it’s already fueled some weight loss for both of us. My wife has had the most success, loosing 12lbs in the first week. I’ve lost 7lbs.

We’re going to continue with this for a full four weeks to see how we do. And then I think we might attempt to replicate the meal plan on our own for some additional cost savings.

But for now, this makes it easier for myself and my wife to work towards our goals.

If you’re interested in trying this service, USE THIS LINK to get $10 dollars off your order.