Goodbye Blog Comments

1 minute read

Recently I switch from WordPress to Jekyll. During that time this site has been without comments. My intent moving forward was to move some of those conversations Disqus.

After not much thought, I’ve decided against it completely.

I plan on just doing some social sharing options at the bottom of each post. Boring, I know.

The upside to this is ‘freed up time’

I have saved myself a ton of time as I am no longer answering tons of comments every single day, managing spam, and then other assorted pings.

If anyone would respond to one of my blog posts with their own post I would get a ping and then I would obsess over what they had said. I would draft epic responses and then sometimes immediately regret that I did.

I have been lightly and heavily criticized for not having comments enabled on my blog and how I am less “social” and “engaging” and even “relevant” to the times.


Done with spam, and done with unnecessary blog clutter.

Cheers to freedom and more headroom to spend time on shit that matters.