38 Days Remote - 8 Days Left in Florida

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I have been working remote now for 38 week days. The experience has been extremely rewarding. It’s also enabled me to change my families life in a big way.

We’re moving from Florida in 8 days! Yes!

We have been planning and dreaming of doing this since last June.

We sold all our stuff and moved out of our home. We purchased a Ram truck last July and an Airstream travel trailer last August for this journey.

We’re heading North to visit our families before heading in the direction of our hearts desires; WEST.

We’ll be visiting my wife’s family for a reunion in New York during between the end of May and early June. Then we are visiting my family in Ohio during the end of June and first week of July.

After that, our attention is turning towards our biggest dreams.

Living in the American west.

But what part of the American West? Well… we haven’t settled on that. That’s why we’ve got the Airstream!

There are so many places we want to visit, see and explore. In a way we want to “try on” different places, spending as little or as much time where we want.

For example, I suspect we’re going to be in Utah for a couple of months. We visited Utah in 2012 and just fell absolutely in love with the state, and have not stopped dreaming (or talking) about it since. The wife and I love red rock.

But as much as we love red rock, we love snow capped mountains and aspen forests too.

Colorado, Wyoming, Montana … I could picture our future lives in any one of those states.