The Next 100 Days, A Personal Challenge

2 minute read

100 days from now I’ll be starting a new chapter in my life, fulfilling a lifelong dream. But before that happens, there are a few things I’d like to straighten out about myself.

A matter of fact, these mini-habits are 4 of the 5 pillars of my blog. Read, Lift, Code, Write.

###READ I’m challenging myself to make time to read a book for 30 minutes a night, every night, for the next 100 days.

###LIFT My fitness has been a sore spot for the past year. I’ve gained nearly 20lbs. So the LIFT goal is 3 parts:

  1. Lifting weights 4 days a week.

  2. Walking 3 miles every day, with a 5 mile walk on Saturdays.

  3. Diet: the most crucial part. I’m a faster, always have been. So I’ll be following a strict intermittent fasting regime combined with strict adherence to a ketogentic diet.

###CODE It’s what I do for a living. Some days I’m passionate about it, others not so much. But there is always room to expand my skillset. I’m setting aside some free time around lunch daily to learning new skills and working projects that advance my skillset. One thing I’d like to do is find an open source project I can contribute too.

Also, I want to wrap up my personal website’s glaringly obvious inconsistencies and ship a working site. Doesn’t need to be perfect, just working.

###WRITE Simple enough it seems. Writing is something of a secret passion for me. I enjoy, but I just don’t do enough of it. Writing is work, and it’s a craft you can learn and get better at. But you can only improve your writing, by writing (and reading).

So I’ve set a simple goal of writing daily. And to keep myself on track a goal for this blog, 1 new post a week.

I plan on tying back into the other 3 pillars, writing about my progress with my fitness. Sharing what I’m learning with code. And writing my thoughts about what I’m reading.

So that’s it. GAME ON!

I Michael Key commit to the above. Feel free to call me out on twitter at @mike_key for updates or if you see me slacking.