Luck Is Bullcrap

1 minute read

Have you ever heard someone complain that he/she just isn’t lucky enough? Usually the conversation goes like this “Oh, I am just not lucky enough; I never win at anything.” People will chalk up all their failures in life to being unlucky. Many of these same people live their lives just hoping to get lucky.  These are the folks who might dream of success but don’t do anything about it because they are waiting for that “big break” or the “right moment”, that point in time when they will get lucky.

The luck mindset can be crippling to your potential as a human being.

Luck is complete bullcrap.

It does not exist.

There is no such thing as good or bad luck. PERIOD! People aren’t born lucky or unlucky. What there is, however, is circumstance. Circumstances dictate what will and will not happen. As completely awesome as it would be, you are not going to get lucky and magically lose 10lbs overnight; and you most certainly will not get lucky and discover yourself a millionaire just because.

People aren’t born lucky; they have to make things happen. **Stop waiting for lady luck to appear and take control of your own life. **

Listen you are going to fail more often than succeed. It doesn’t boil down to luck. It’s just life.** You have to stop saying “I’m unlucky”. Stop the self doubt and start believing and doing.