Live a Kickass Lifestyle in 6 Easy Steps

4 minute read

If you are ready to start getting intentional about how you are going to live your life and actually truly live a kickass life, here is how you can do it. In 6 simple steps.

    If you are really going to change your lifestyle and start LIVING, then you are going to have to become passionate. No more straddling the fence there, Buster. It is time to commit to your dream, to that vision of how you want to live.When I became passionate and put real emotion behind my dreams, I went from that guy who was always going to do something, to the guy who HAD DONE SOMETHING.</p> I’m sure you have heard people say that you need to find what you are passionate about and then pursue it. That’s great for finding a way to make an income, but if you don’t have passion for very much, you won’t achieve anything beyond that. You need to become passionate about the vision of the life you want. Do you want a new red sports car? Then get passionate about it.</li>
      The lazy man of mediocrity sits in front of his TV and absorbs. There is a reason it is called the “Boob Tube”. If you want to grow and live a successful lifestyle, it is time to start reading and educating yourself. I never really liked to read, but my mentor always told me it doesn’t matter if you like to read or not, you just need to do it. Commit to read at least 30 minutes a day.But what to read? Check out my book list here for starters. Also, start seeking out websites and blogs on what you’re trying to achieve.  Not only do I read books on entrepreneurship, personal development, finances and investing, but I also read blogs on these subjects.</p> But that’s not all, I read travel blogs and magazines too, because that goes back to step 1 and fuels my passion for how I want to live my life and what I want to do.</li>
        Seriously, stop complaining about your boss. Stop complaining about your spouse. Stop complaining about the government and everything else you whine about. Do you know who complains? LOSERS COMPLAIN. If you make up your mind to stop complaining and only notice the positive around you, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your attitude and in the circumstances of your life.
      • **START DOING
        **Doers get things done. Don’t wait for other people. Get out there and take action Stop waiting for lady luck and make it happen yourself. It is that simple. If you want to change your life, then you are going to have to start taking action. That’s how I did it, and that’s what you need to do.Idleness will lead to nothing.
        If you are comfortable where you are at you will be stagnate. The only thing in nature that is stagnate is a swamp. Everything else is either growing or dying. So what are you doing? If you want to grow, you will have to get outside of your comfort zone.I learned this while rock climbing this summer, hanging onto the side of a cliff a thousand feet up, going well outside my comfort zone. Every time that my mind wanted to give up, I’d push myself and find that I was capable of more than my mind wanted to believe.  Every time that I retreated and failed to push myself, giving up, I have regretted.For example, if you are afraid of being around a large crowd of people, then you NEED to hang around a large crowd of people until you are comfortable. You grow the most when you are outside your comfort zone.
        Quit your job if you have to. You only get one life. Why waste your life? You need to start living! Start doing some of the things you dream of doing. You don’t have to do all of them at once, and maybe some of them require you to be more well off. Start small and work your way up towards your goals.Trust me, you aren’t living while working in a cubical 60 hours a week hoping for the weekend. That is not what we were created to do. That is not a life.</ol> So that’s it. If you want to live an awesome life start there. I’ll share more insights as time goes on.