Thoughts on regrets

1 minute read

To much time, spent regretting things not done. That’s how I look back at 2014.

For all I accomplished this year, there are things I regret not getting done. Choices made that have delayed goals and dreams.

Failure to get my weight under control. Failure to meet my goals for my freelance business. Failure to get this site back up in order. Failure with our BoldAndAdventurous project. And a dozen other minor personal failures this year.

Most of these failures have all been within my control, and are failures of ‘LACK OF ACTION’.

The worst part of this cycle is, spending time with your regrets, by not taking action.

Rather than focusing my energies to dust off my feet, and get things done. I’m spending my energy regretting what is not done.

With the start of the new year, I want to refocus my efforts, to not dwell on regrets. To focus on getting things done.

Here’s to the New Year and saying good bye to regrets.

And here’s to a 2015 of NO REGRETS.