Take Risks for Greater Success

1 minute read

Do you want more success? Then you’re going to have to learn to get outside your comfort zone and start taking some risks! Rock Climbing is by nature a dangerous sport, but the pure thrill and rewards of scaling a mountain are well worth that risk.

Often in our lives anything worth doing involves some level of risk. Quiting your job to go start a business is risky, especially if you’ve got mouths to feed at home.  Just like in rock climbing, we can do things to minimize these risks, but ultimately, we are not fully in control. You have got to realize you can not control every aspect of life. But if you let that fear of not being in control immobilize you, you will deny yourself the rewards that can come from taking great

risk and succeeding.

You’re bound to fail at some point, but you need to step outside your comfort zone, embrace your fear and take some risks once in awhile.

I’m not advocating you take stupid risks or gamble with your life, but what I am trying to drive home is that sometimes a little risk is involved when it comes to achieving success.

From my perspective some of the greatest endeavors in history have involved all kinds of risks. Think about all of the Astronauts in history. Every time one of them straps into a rocket they take the risk of blowing up to help advance mankind.

You can not let the fear of risk hold you back. **So the next time someone says your idea sounds risky, tell them to **TAKE A FLYING LEAP.