Rebooting The Site

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It’s hard to believe but I’ve had an online presence in one form or another for close to fifteen years now. Back in 2006 I discovered the then relatively new WordPress version 2 and decided to start blogging. I immediately fell in love with it and began learning CSS and PHP to tweak the theme. But I wasn’t a true blogger at the time. I was more of a tinkerer. Always fiddling with my website in my spare time.

That would change in Dec of 2009, when I decided to take my freelance business full-time. I set a goal for self promotion, and began blogging about entrepreneurship, self improvement and lifestyle design after. Out of the gate I turned out a number of articles, but as my business took off my blog and personal website flatlined.

Unfortunately, I haven’t blogged as much in the recent past; my waking hours spent worrying about business and life issues than crafting new content. Things I would have blogged about in the past are now published as tweets. Adventures to talk about have become images shared on my Instagram account.

Today, I find myself right back where I was in 2009. 2015 is going to be a big year of change for my family. We’re launching ourselves on an exciting adventure and taking some huge personal risks.

As part of my upcoming endeavors I need to have an established online brand again. As a professional front end developer, a lack of website, or for that matter, a broken website speaks volumes.

Recently I find myself wanting to share more of my thoughts openly and freely. When I do have the time, I thoroughly enjoy writing long-form articles and have been collecting my thoughts in a wonderful app called DayOne for the past year.

For this these reasons, I’ve decided its time to reboot this site and get back to writing.

I have a few goals in mind for this project, which I hope to have completed and running Jan 1st, 2015.

Project Goals

  • Roll ubuntu 14.04 server with LEMP
  • Migrate from WordPress to Jeykll
  • Move blog comments to Disqus
  • Deploy repo of site on Github
  • Deploy Cloudflare CDN
  • 301 Redirect to
  • Redesign Website for 2015
  • Rewrite About Page
  • Set regular blogging goals (2 posts per month)
  • Learn new skills

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