Be a Content Curator

1 minute read

Our lives are never static, they’re always changing. So too, your blog is a dynamic representation of your ideas, goals, mission and more.

I believe in being a content “curator”, giving more care to your blog than just being a dumping ground for your writings.

What does this mean? Well the definition of “curate” and “curation” is as follows:

Curation is generally the selection of, care for and presentation of the objects entered into a collection, whether that collection is physical (such as items in a museum) or digital (such as entries in Wikipedia).

Makes sense, right? How does this apply to your blog? Here’s how:

Good Blog Curators Manage, Edit, and Update Old Posts

  • Block out a specific time every week

  • Add links to new blog posts on older blog posts.

  • Add new and relevant content

  • Review/re-write content if necessary (sometimes a set of fresh eyes can help you better write out your ideas)

  • Leverage the feedback and comments

  • Publicize your updates

It’s that simple. I’ve been applying this to my work here for some time now. I’ll go back and read things I’ve written and rewrite them. Or update and add new information as it become available. The point is, keeping the content fresh and never letting it go stale.